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Sococo Coffee

SOCOCO connects every social link in the coffee chain, from growers to roasters. Your coffee experience completes the chain.

Direct collaboration!

SOCOCO chose the challenge and therefore a direct collaboration with the coffee farmer. Our 'coffee family' therefore starts directly with the Guatemalan Danny and Madeline Perez; the youngest generation of coffee growers of the FamilyBondsCoffee in the Huehuetenango coffee region. This family business has been producing a unique variety of specialty coffees since the early 1920s. Danny and Madeline have converted the company from a traditional coffee producer to a producer of specialty high-end quality coffees with direct trading relationships with coffee roasters. SOCOCO is proud to be part of this. This means no purchase from cooperatives, but coffees directly from the plantations with which we have an intensive relationship and for which a fair price is paid.

Premium coffee!

That delicious cup of coffee is a moment you can enjoy intensely. Alone, or in moments you share with each other. SOCOCO always works with 100% Arabica and what they call single origins. So we do not mix different coffees into a blend. We want nothing more for our customers than the very best taste experience for the coffee the way you like to drink it.

Our coffees are hand-picked and go through a very precise inspection process. This intensive processing and attention has ensured that the coffee was rated 86+ on a scale of 100 by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This actually means that there are simply very few 'defects' in the beans, as they say. This makes SOCOCO coffee unique in its kind and quality.

Fair price !

From the coffee farmer to roaster or Barista; you know each other and work intensively together, and then you pay the right and fair price for good beans throughout the chain. That of course makes the coffee more expensive than the current world market price, and even the Fair Trade coffee price. But this means that more than 50% of our price remains in the country of origin and this is reflected in the quality of the coffee. This gives our colleagues the opportunity to improve their business and invest in the process. Everyone in the chain deserves an honest living. We support our coffee partners in, among other things, setting up a sustainable and profitable business model, and they support us with the very best product for you.

It is important to SOCOCO that everyone in the chain can earn an honest living. We also extend this corporate philosophy in the Netherlands and that is why SOCOCO also offers learning/working programs for ambitious people who deserve an opportunity and extra support. They help us with packaging, distribution and, for example, with preparing the beans on your work floor.

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