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These are Queen and King Summer Carnival 2024

Larisa Da Veiga and Gillian Jersun Gil will lead the way as Queen and King Zomercarnaval 2024 in the iconic Street Parade on 27 July in Rotterdam city centre. They were chosen by the jury as ambassadors of Zomercarnaval Rotterdam during a thrilling final in de Doelen.

For years, as the start of the Summer Carnival, the new Queen has been elected during the Royalty Election. Since 2022, a King has been elected alongside a Summer Carnival Queen. Larisa and Gillian may carry the royal title for a year and will act as the face for Zomercarnaval Rotterdam and Stichting Zomercarnaval Nederland in the Netherlands and abroad.

Larisa Da Veiga

A Rotterdam native, Larisa grew up with the Summer Carnival and always enjoyed the glitz and glamour the event brings. However, her participation in the Royalty Election has a deeper charge. As a Dutch child of Cape Verdean parents, she has always felt out of place not only in the Netherlands, but also in Cape Verde. As a result, she has never felt the freedom to fully embrace her roots, effectively neglecting an important part of herself. Through her role as Queen during the Summer Carnival, she has the opportunity to fully embrace her culture and roots through entertainment.

Gillian Jersun Gil

From a young age, Gillian has been involved in everything related to carnival in Aruba. In 2013, he started volunteering with organisations involved in carnival. He has always helped with elections in Aruba. In Aruba, there are only Queens and no Kings. He was therefore very happy to hear that here in the Netherlands there is an opportunity for Kings to participate. When he saw the Royalty Election for the first time last year, he immediately knew he wanted to present himself on the stage of de Doelen as well. With results!

Gillian Jersun Gil

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