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The 11th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam explores nature, culture and hope

The 11th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam titled Nature of Hope explores nature, culture and hope together from architectural thinking and action, as a flywheel for social change. The IABR 2024 will take place from 26 June to 20 October 2024 at the New Institute. The IABR will thus return to the place where it took its first cultural steps 20 years ago.

What is there to see?

With this year's exhibition, the IABR brings together more than 70 architects, researchers, designers and writers, who together show how architecture can restore ecological balance by taking biodiversity and nature as the starting point for a design. All participants of the exhibition at the New Institute can be found here.

Jeux des Joules

One of the projects is Jeux des Joules, a transition studio exploring the spatial task of energy transition. To meet the growing demand for electricity in the context of energy transition, more than 50,000 such houses need to be incorporated into the streetscape in the Netherlands. But where? And what should they look like? Can they also fulfil other urban functions? The installation at the exhibition shows an alternative view of energy infrastructure at neighbourhood level.


Another work is HouseEurope! A European citizens' initiative for renovating existing buildings and stopping demolition. Buildings are often seen as investment objects, rather than places to live. Financial speculation causes buildings to be demolished to build new ones, resulting in social and environmental problems.

Botanical Monuments

Alongside the exhibition, Nature of Hope consists of a green route through Rotterdam connecting community initiatives on urban nature under the title Botanical Monuments. The route consists of over twenty-five local initiatives in Rotterdam's green public spaces. You can find the list of locations here.

Practice Place

An extensive public programme, including lectures, workshops, excursions and other activities will take place at the New Institute and at green locations in Rotterdam. Part of this will take place in a specially designed meeting space in the exhibition called Practice Place. The programme pays attention to current challenges for architecture, such as biobased and circular building and can be viewed via this link and will be completed in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit the IABR website.

Photo: Sabine van der Vooren.
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