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Circusstad Festival is the perfect setup for Tour de France Femmes

In the run-up to Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, there are plenty of events where women perform great feats. During the Circusstad Festival in Rotterdam, there are five days of spectacular performances and breathtaking circus acts. Mostly performed by powerful women. This year, Circusstad is celebrating its eleventh edition and is going all out. From impressive outdoor performances with towering installations to intimate performances.

I Was Told - Kathrin Wagner

A funny, confrontational and engaging performance by Kathrin Wagner, in which she combines juggling rings with spoken word. With her self-written lyrics, she plays with how the audience sees her as both a woman and an artist on stage.

Location: the goals
Date: Wed 1 May

Méandres - Les Colporteurs

Discover "Méandres" by Les Colporteurs, a unique encounter between vertical and horizontal with a unique installation as a stage. With Molly Saudek on three tightly stretched cords and Marie Tribouilloy on the Chinese pole, the stage becomes a musical instrument played by their movements. This special circus performance, to be seen in the atmospheric Laurenskerk, promises an unforgettable experience with live music from the church organ upon entry.

Location: Laurenskerk
Date: Wed 1 May, Thu 2 May

Humans 2.0 - Circa

Circa Contemporary Circus is one of the world's leading circus companies. In Humans 2.0, ten acrobats unveil tightly woven choreography set to music by composer Ori Lichtitz. Expect group acrobatics, penetrating solos and thrilling duets, both on the ground and in the air.

Location: Theatre Rotterdam
Date: Wed 1 May, Thu 2 May

Circa Contemporary Circus

Glorious Bodies - Circumstances

A unique circus performance featuring acrobats aged between 55 and 67 breaking taboos around ageing. It is a contemporary circus performance by six acrobats. A performance about the carrying capacity of the body, about seeing and being seen and about the boundary between classical and contemporary circus.

Location: Chapiteau
Date: Wed 1 May, Thu 2 May

Delusional, I killed a man - Dianna Salles

Diana Salles is a proud young transgender woman from Brazil, brings her solo circus performance to the stage. Inspired by her own transition and the alternating feelings many transgender people experience when leaving their assigned gender behind. Together with director Florence Guidi, Diana delves into the journey of overcoming the past to ultimate freedom, using aerial acrobatics, dance, song and physical theatre. This performance shows the powerful physical and emotional journey to self-acceptance.

Location: Theatre Rotterdam
Date: Wed 1 May, Thu 2 May

Photo of show Dellusional I Killed A Man by Jorah Sarah

Circus City gala 2024

Circusstad Festival is proud to present the second edition of this special circus night. At the intersection of tradition and modernity, we present the heroes of contemporary circus theatre for one evening on Rotterdam's largest theatre stage. This puts the Circusstad Gala in a unique position. Nowhere else will you see innovative award-winning acts and scenes from the finest contemporary circus performances together in one programme. World stars and top Dutch performers show that today's circus is alive and of an exceptionally high standard.

Location: New Luxor Theatre
Date: Fri 3 May

Dove - Hanna de Vletter

In her trapeze, Hanna plays with the contrast between the freedom of being in the air and the feeling of having a foothold on the ground. She shows that these two extremes can sometimes come so close together that we no longer know whether it is the ground we share, the air, or both.

Location: Theatre Rotterdam
Date: Fri 3 May

Place/Make - Melody Nolan & Omer van Soldt

A circus performance and installation to be seen from the street through a window. It is a co-production by circus artist Melody Nolan and artist Omer van Soldt. The performance provides insight into the stories to be found behind every seemingly empty space. Melody's handstands and acrobatics meet Omer's interpretation of the scenography, including metal and brick constructions. In this way, both artists together create a rich dialogue between body, 'empty' space and artistic expression.

Location: Shop window studio 5 - De Doelen
Date: Fri 3 May, Sat 4 May

Photo of Melody Nolan by Manonski Photography

What I think, they think - Luise Hoffmann

Is about the little situations in life that, when you think about it, turn into a big conflict about the world. A personal and funny conference at the trapeze that explores the relationship between thoughts, beliefs and reality.

Location: Theatre Rotterdam
Date: Sat 4 May

Powerful women's circus - Circus City talks

Powerful women have always had a role in the circus. The form and interpretation of that role is evolving. Research shows that women are less well represented than male colleagues at contemporary circus festivals (source: 'Strength in numbers: The 34%' on CircusTalk.com). This year, Circusstad Festival proudly presents a vast majority of female performers, performances directed by women and performances that address feminist topics. Cause for a good conversation with several generations of circus women from the festival programme about wave movements in history, social developments and powerful women's circus!

Venue: Theatre Rotterdam
Date: Sat 4 May

Pss Pss - Compagnia Baccalá

This acclaimed show is finally coming to the Netherlands. Camilla Pessi and Simone Fassari are modern clowns inspired by the silent film era. They met at the famous Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland and have mastered a whole range of circus disciplines from partner acrobatics to trapeze. With compelling and sophisticated humour, innocence and pure joie de vivre, it is a timeless performance with irresistible humour and poetry.

Location: old Luxor Theatre
Date: Sat 4 May, Sun 5 May

Compagnia Baccalá by Pierre Coletti

Raven - Still Hungry

The challenges of modern motherhood take centre stage in this exciting and humorous performance by female collective Still Hungry. The company uses stunning acrobatic skills and apt storytelling to captivatingly stage their own experiences. Powerful, warm and moving, the performance 'Raven' invites us to question our preconceptions about working mothers, women and female circus performers.

Location: Chapiteau
Date: Sat 4 May, Sun 5 May

Brave Space - Aloft

An unmissable highlight for the whole family is this particularly innovative and magical circus experience: "Brave Space". The performers from the United States invite you to enter their world, a unique experience of which the audience is a part. In just a few square metres, they showcase their skills in juggling, Cyr wheel, duotrapeze, balancing and hula hooping. This unique experience creates a sense of belonging and requires 100% trust between performers and audience.

Location: Theatre Rotterdam
Date: Wed 1 May, Thu 2 May, Fri 3 May, Sat 4 May and Sun 5 May

Circ'Olé - Flamenco, Circus & Comedy

The atmospheric Opticum on Schouwburgplein is bubbling at the seams with southern temperament. The duo "Olé", consisting of two wacky guitarists, have been known in the international theatre scene for years. This duo is joined by a circus artist. A musical journey for young and old that moves and makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Location: Opticum
Date: Wed 1 May, Thu 2 May, Fri 3 May, Sat 4 May and Sun 5 May

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