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Kids' outing tested: Sushi, pizza and a mysterious barn

Everymonth Rotterdammertjes test cultural outings. The test team of this edition are Sija and Tinka!They went to The Favorite Food of Merel and Julia at FC Walhalla and the performance Werktuig at Theatre Walhalla .

Tell us: you not only went to a show, but also ate at Valhalla?

'That is right indeed. Prior to the performance have we eaten at FC Valhalla. There had Merel and Julia, two girls from Zwijndrecht, their favourite food prepared. In advance ate we sushi, then pizza and as dessert got we a banana milkshake. The was not only very nice, but also very cozy with the long taffetaels and yellow lights. After the food its we to the theatre run for the performance Tool.'

What did you think of the performance?

'The show is about two boys who live in a boring village where never anything happens. Together theydiscover a mysterious barn where all exciting things take place. The story is told to theaccompaniment of sounds and all kinds of tools. It was a fun and exciting performance with a special setting. By the way, the children had to laugh often and responded enthusiastically to questions from the actors."

Would you recommend the outing?

'Yes! We recommend the performance and the food beforehand for parents with children from 8 years. The ladies got themselves also feel like cookinga time . In addition we sawthat there will soon bemany more beautiful performances are for all kinds of ages. Very nice!

The favourite food of
FC Valhalla
Various dates, 6pm

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