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Supertwins Mon and Gi's away tips from the E-Team

The E-Team is a new YouTube series for young people on climate, nature and animal rights. The Rotterdam supertwins Mon and Gi go into the country each episode to do all kinds of crazy, playful and humorous actions in favour of animals and the environment and against climate change. They often do so with a guest or organisation that stands up for these interests. The first episode they go through the fire at Skateland. Where else can they be found in Rotterdam?


''We wanted to shoot our first episode in our hometown, in a place that exudes Rotterdam's diversity and individuality. In our eyes, this is one of the highlights of Rotterdam South! Gi used to come here more often as a little skater, and it's great to see how this place has been transformed into a vibrant cultural hub with several skate areas, bar, waterside terrace and multifunctional outdoor square where parties are also held in summer. Not redundantly trendy, but 'placemaking Rotterdam style' in a super nice industrial location. We spoke to the owner, and it's really nice to hear how Skateland is committed to young people and the Rotterdam urban scene.''

A boy on a scooter in Skateland

Injera Habesha, Old Town and more

''Where to eat in Rotterdam? At our table, of course! But what gives us inspiration? For many places to eat, we are difficult customers because we have a huge list of allergies and intolerances. We therefore like to go to places where the contact is personal, and has a lot of attention to the food, and vega(n) options. For Ethiopian, vegan and gluten-free Teff Injera, we go to Injera Habesha on Hudson Square. For delicious and affordable Javanese-Surinamese with vega options, we go to Warung Soso Lobi. For vega Laksa curry or Jianbing to Kampong Express & Super Crêpe and definitely Old Town. And the newly opened Veggie Garden Supermarket on Goudsesingel, where you can buy vega(n) asian and produce but also snacks and fresh Matcha tea! Bertmans, because you can eat there with different dietary requirements with responsible cuisine. Finally, for specialty coffee and unique sandwich creations, at Nice on Hoogstraat.''

New Institute and Kunsthal

''The exhibition Soengoe Kondre / Sunken Life takes you to the interior of Suriname and tells the story of a social ecological disaster little known to the Dutch (and Surinamese). The arrival of the Afobaka dam flooded an area the size of the province of Utrecht. Maroon communities historically, culturally and spiritually tied to these places were forced to settle in so-called transmigration villages. The habitat of the animals of the jungle destroyed, a green paradise flooded. For us, this exhibition is a must-see because it shows the painful relationship between colonialism, economic progress thinking, climate justice and social oppression at this very moment. Climate Justice Now!

Now if you want to visit a museum with some younger people or children, Ai Weiwei 's exhibition with its grand installations and paintings is a nice option. Great to see how his activist take on authoritarian power systems makes more than a statement. It is one of his biggest retrospectives to date and on show here at the Kunsthal. Definitely worth seeing!''

Visitors at the exhibition Ai Weiwei. In Search of Humanity. Photo Fred Ernst

The Rhoon and Carnisse Grienden

''From Rotterdam South, the Grienden are our green escape to get a breath of fresh air along the river Maas and walk through a magical forest. During walks, we marvel again and again how these Grienden, pollard willows, resemble our friends and some Rotterdammers. Or go to Rotterdam's hidden gem, Historic Park Schoonoord and escape the bustling city. For us, it is a place where we can retreat for a while among the greenery. Moreover, it is one of the few places in the city, where you can find so many different plants, trees and animals! In spring and summer, it seems like you're briefly entering an un-Dutch secret garden. The most serene place to read a book, meditate or just sit and chill (silently).''


''We love movement! HipHopHuis remains a second home for us. Mon who watched and Gi did break. As a little boy, it shaped Gi into the mover he is today. It is an important place for young and older and Urban culture in Rotterdam! We also move at Aldeia Capoeira for rhythm and roots. For some airtime, tricks and jumping, we can go to RUSHWORLD Rotterdam. Dance studios for Movement Class, even if you are not a dancer. At Beast Boulders, you can boulder with spectacular views of Rotterdam's skyline. Keep it moving!''

Dancers in HipHopHouse


''You would think that as young people we would occasionally make the Rotterdam clubs unsafe! Well we don't do that enough. Unfortunately, we don't have any nightlife tips but we do love a wild dance! Which nice Rotterdammers know where we should be. Let us know or take us out?

About E-Team

By combining pants fun with serious issues, Mon and Gi come up with creative angles and surprising situations. The programme encourages young viewers to look differently at their surroundings and relate differently to climate issues. In this way, the E-Team offers them perspectives for action and optimism. In addition, the series also focuses on diversity and climate justice.

The Supertwins Mon and Gi

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