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First edition of Futuro Lindo Festival on Heemraadsplein

Heemraadsplein is an important place for Cape Verdians. Cabos who arrived in Rotterdam came to the square looking for shelter and work. That's why Heemraadsplein was also called Pracinha d'Quebrod, translated: Platzakplein. In 2001, a street sign with that name was unveiled on the square. During the first edition of Futuro Lindo on 6 July, the rich and diverse culture of Cape Verde.

It will be a day full of lively music, delicious food and exciting cultural activities. There will be performances by dj E-Fortes, Alex da Rosa, Amanda Almeida (see cover photo), Randy Telg, Duo Cabo Love and dj Kelsonn. So there will be a mix of the distinctive sounds of morna, coladeira, funaná and kizomba.

Cape Verdean cuisine is known for a unique blend of African, Portuguese and Brazilian influences. Visitors can sample authentic dishes such as cachupa, pastéis, and various seafood specialities prepared by local chefs like Mandja Grill.

Rich cultural heritage of Cape Verde

The festival also offers a colourful market with handmade crafts, jewellery and artworks. And there are workshops where visitors can learn how to tie a traditional headscarf or engage in dance styles such as Bubbelindo and Zouk. Children can enjoy creative workshops, the bouncy castles on hand and Captitane Cap's will be present, the latest Cape Verdean superhero.

The Futuro Lindo Festival aims to celebrate Cape Verde's rich cultural heritage and share it with a wider audience. The event provides a platform for cultural exchange and strengthens ties between the Cape Verdean community and other cultural groups in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. The festival is a source of pride for Cape Verdeans and arouses curiosity among visitors who want to know more about this special archipelago and its rich traditions.

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