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Conflux Festival offers groundbreaking audiovisual performances for the third time

At locations including Plein 1940, Brutus and Katoenhuis, Conflux Festival presents a groundbreaking programme of audiovisual performances, public art interventions, exhibitions, an experimental club night and lectures for the third time from 19 to 22 September. The festival theme is: Symbiotic Realities. Passe-partout tickets are available now via this link.

The four-day Conflux festival continues to explore the evolving relationships between humans, machines and non-human intelligences through art, music, science and philosophy. The theme focuses on the impact of the techno-scientific landscape on our daily lives and the global humanitarian crises unfolding in both the physical world and cyberspace. Concluding the trilogy (Exit Human in 2022 and Living Machines in 2023), this edition explores possible approaches for coexistence and mutual understanding between humanity, technology and nature.

Headliners include Bristol-based Roly Porter, formerly half of Vex'd, in collaboration with visual artist Theresa Baumgartner. Aho Ssan, a key figure in contemporary experimental music, will collaborate with Amsterdam-based visual artist Heleen Blanken. Resina, from Poland's vibrant independent music scene, and feedbacksociety will also make their appearance in the performance programme.

Kinetic light installation

The exhibition programme features interdisciplinary light and sound artist Jeroen Alexander Meijer with his kinetic light installation, as well as work by Renzo van Steenberger & Kristjan PĆ¼tsep, Macular and Mariska de Groot & Dieter Vandoren.

Saturday there will be a conference at Debatpodium Arminius where thinkers, makers and artists will critically reflect on the theme 'Symbiotic Realities'. This conference will be followed by a performance programme at Brutus and rounded off at night by a club night at Perron.

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