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Carina Fernandes' getaway tips

She is a spoken word artist, singer-songwriter, host and organiser. Carina Fernandes is thus active on many fronts. Everything she makes revolves around decolonisation and opening intergenerational conversations. She could already be found this year at the Keti Koti Commemoration 2023 where she recited a poem and she was involved in the Rotterdam Culture and Festival get-together where she provided a showcase with 11 dancers, a fashion show, music by live instrumentalists and a DJ and a Spoken Word recitation. Where to find next.

Broken Chains

''In 2023/2024, of course, we will celebrate 150 years of abolition of slavery and the programme of Broken Chains is really recommended! From theatre shows to panels, museums but also in-depth programme elements like the genealogy research at the library. Here you can find out your family tree with the help of experts. There is another workshop on 13 December. My mother used to say: to know where you are going, you need to know where you have been. But you can also interpret it as: Who you are descended from.''

EE2's Monday Night Jam

''For me, my music career started with jam sessions, improvising on live music by similarly improvising musicians. EE2's Monday Night Jam has a special place in my heart. It's a warm community with a ridiculously good band, SteezMusicBand led by Stanley Clementina, who can really play anything you let them hear. An approachable jam, where you discover new talent every time! The next edition is on 17 December at the Doelen.''


''I love dancing immensely, but the club is a bit too crowded for me these days - which is why I love dancing at the HipHopHouse. You can find me at Shahin's Waacking classes on Tuesdays, where we venture into the club for a while to disco music. Besides, it's a nice community of music lovers.''

Cult North Winter Festival

''Cult North is committed to talent development and is organising a winter festival full of local talent! It is the first edition and with the combination of fashion, art, music ánd workshops, I think this will really be a creative party. There is also Spoken Word and you can play games. And absolutely free at Thick Mic, too!

Schiedam Poetry Slam

''Since 2020, I have been organising the Schiedam Poetry Slam from my Spoken Word platform (Verbalism). It takes place in the beautiful library the Korenbeurs. Are you an emerging word artist, sign up via this link. Of course, also for Rotterdammers. You'll be there in no time!''

Cover photo: Carina Fernandes at the Keti Koti Commemoration 2023, photo by Houcem Bellakoud

Carina Fernandes by Nicky Angelina do Rosario as part of I am Art

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