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Spinoza Park

Park in the Lombardijen district.

70 hectares in size

The Spinoza Park was built in the 1960s and covers approximately 70 hectares. The park is located south of the Spinozaweg and is further bordered by the Guido Gazelleweg and the Catullusweg and is intersected by the Pascalweg. The subcultural music venue Baroeg is located next to the Spinozaweg, and a multifunctional center for youth care and sheltered housing, the Dr. M. Polanoschool / S. Jonkerenschool for deaf and hearing-impaired children and the AJ Schreuderschool for children with very difficult learning.

There is a seven-hectare perennial garden next to the Guido Gezelleweg. This garden was created around 1960 on the initiative of residents, but later fell into disrepair. In 2003, a group of local residents took the initiative to renovate the garden and an annual day is organized to maintain the garden.

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