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Loge Delta

The Delft Lodge Delta is a mixed Freemason lodge that is part of the Dutch Federation of the International Order of Mixed Freemasonry “Le Droit Humain”. Delta is a so-called 'blue lodge' and works in three grades: apprentice, journeyman and master.

The mixed Lodge Delta in Delft was founded in 1987 by a number of members of other Freemason lodges from Rotterdam and The Hague that were affiliated with “Le Droit Humain”. Since 1988, Loge Delta has been meeting in the Loge Silentium building in the Choorstraat in Delft.

The name 'Delta' not only refers to the shape of a triangle as the letter Δ was written in classical Greek, but also to the river delta as a nutritious source and food for the hinterland. The shape of the triangle can also be found in the Loge Delta logo.


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