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Evangelical Brotherhood Rotterdam Center

The Moravian Church is a Protestant church. Our community has found a home in the Rotterdam Kralingen district since 1980.

About Moravian Church

At 40 years old, we are a mature Rotterdam Protestant church, which has two feet in the multicultural society of the city with all the opportunities and challenges that come with it. For us as migrants, being a Christian is literally and figuratively living in two worlds.

The Moravian Church in the Czech Republic started in 1457; In 1747 she built her first church “Herrnhutters” as a refugee community in Germany. In 1768 the Moravian Church in Zeist built its Church Hall.

In the 40 years that the brotherhood has existed in Rotterdam, refugees have found a home with us in various periods of the 20th century, after they had had to leave home and hearth, sometimes suddenly. In this way, the Biblical notion of Christian alienation remains a living and historical experience for our members.

Because we did not have our own church building, we initially had to hold our worship services in various buildings, which went very well with the help of many people. This wandering lasted until 1981. Then, thanks to the inspiration and help of many within and outside the community, we bought our own church at Avenue Concordia 107-111 in Kralingen.

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