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BlueCity, a model city for the circular economy and blue economy.

BlueCity Rotterdam

BlueCity is a breeding ground for innovative companies that link their residual flows. Within our ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and radical disruptors, waste is a valuable building block; the output of one entrepreneur is the input of the other entrepreneur. In this way, together we create a model city for the circular economy. And that is desperately needed.

Blue economy

BlueCity is called BlueCity because it is largely based on the principles of the blue economy: we work with what is available locally, rely on cooperation instead of competition and generate different income streams, for example by using output from one process as input for a different process – all just the way nature works. We also superimpose the circles of the circular economy, so that networks are created; that we connect again. All this with the same goal: continuous innovation, creating jobs, reducing the waste mountain by seeing 'waste' as a raw material and building social capital without exhausting the environment. That is really the new economy.

In this way, together we create a model city for the circular economy. We then want to roll out the innovations from Rotterdam worldwide, in order to make a large-scale impact.

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