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Round Kralingen Lake

Round Kralingen Lake

1. Snuff mills De Ster and De Lelie
These are the only working snuff and spice mills in the Netherlands, dating back almost three hundred years. Snuff tobacco used to be made here from tobacco leaves, but now there are only spices on the grinding stones.

Snif... smell that spicy fragrance? You can buy a jar of freshly ground cinnamon at the snifter's shop.

Turn right on the Plaszoom to the Pheasant Lane. All paths in the forest have their own names. Walk straight ahead and look around carefully. There are fewer mushrooms in summer than in autumn, but sometimes you may see an elfin bench or a saddle and sulphur trunk along the way.

There is nothing better after a walk in the woods than a pancake at De Nachtegaal or De Big.

2. Deer Park
Awww Bambi! This deer camp is home to a pack of about 25 fallow deer cared for by the foresters. And hear that clatter? Two pairs of storks also live here.
That Hans-and-Grietje-like house is Bospaviljoen De Eekhoorn, a fine pit stop for a cup of coffee and a glass of apple juice. And there's also a playground nearby here.

It is time to walk again! Walk along Princess Beatrix Avenue to the Mantelpad and turn right to Wolvenvallei.

3. Valley of wolves
There is no need to be afraid, there are no wolves here. But many (marsh) plants do grow here, as the banks gradually change from water to land. (Water) birds, fish, insects and frogs like that.

See the Squirrel Trail? Turn left here onto Langepad. You might see some dead wood lying somewhere, an excellent home for beetles, spiders and insects. Everything used to be kept neat and tidy, but now the foresters let nature take its course in some places.

Want to see forest animals? According to forester Henk Suurbach, it's best to go to the forest early in the morning. You might spot a pheasant, a wood mouse or even a fox!

Hiking with children in the forest

4. Heemtuin
Look carefully or you will walk right past the entrance to the Heemtuin. Walk on the exciting scaffolding path through the peat bog and watch the fish ladders between the tall reeds. These are shallow streams with mini waterfalls. The area beyond is marshy, ideal for amphibians and insects.

Each bird has its own favourite spot. The great spotted woodpecker is best spotted in hollows of old and dead trees and robins often sit in bushes. Shhh... if you are very quiet, you might see a bright blue kingfisher sitting by the water here, lurking for fish.

Download the 'Birds in the Netherlands' app for more info on (the sounds of) birds and find animal tracks using the Spoorzoeker app from the Forestry Commission.

Walk back along the Squirrel Trail and turn right into the Coniferous Tree Trail. Nice isn't it that all these paths here in the forest have their own names.

5. Fun Forest
Do you like it higher up? In the Klimbos, you can climb from tree to tree via planks and wobbly bridges. You can also do the free course opposite. Itchy tummy guaranteed!

Walk down the Pine Tree Path towards the playground. Here you can take the pull-pin to Petting Farm de Kraal.

Wild animals leave traces wherever they go. Like a real forest detective, search for paw prints, pellets, droppings and signs of eating on trees and branches. Have you found anything?

6. Kinderboerderij de Kraal
Brushing goats, feeding chickens and petting rabbits. It's all possible at De Kraal petting zoo.

Walk towards the beach, you will pass a public toilet, the BBQ field and also some catering facilities.

7. Beach & paddling pool
Get an ice cream and plop down on the terrace near the beach. Along the water's edge there is playground equipment and a slide. There is even a special paddling pool for toddlers. Chill out!

In warm weather, blue-green algae sometimes forms in the water, check the internet in advance to see what the water quality is or check the signs at the beach.

Get an ice cream at Beachhouse and plop down on the beachfront terrace. See that tall tower on the headland near restaurant the Boathouse?

8. Lookout tower
Climb all the way to the top and look out over the Kralingse Plas. What can you see?

Walk along Langepad, past Brasserie Woodz to Kralinsge Plaslaan. Turn right onto Ramlehstraat, then walk to Cederstraat.

9. Botanical Garden
Here you will find, among other things, a medicinal herb garden, carnivorous plants and cacti. There is also a greenhouse with cocoa, cotton, coffee, tea, peppers, tomatoes and bananas.

Walk along the Kralingse Plaslaan to café/restaurant De Tuin. While walking, take turns to think of a new walk, for example with a frog jump or hop in between, or five steps fast and then five steps very slow again.

Enjoy the view from the terrace of De Tuin van de Vier Windstreken or for locals 'The Garden'.

Tram/metro stop Voorschoterlaan > 15 minutes to Restaurant De Tuin.
Bus stop Nieuwe Crooswijkseweg > 15 minutes to the Watch Tower.
The Hertenkamp is a bit more difficult to reach by public transport.

Parking is available at all catering establishments (free at De Schone Lei and Pannenkoekenhuis De Nachtegaal), along Prinses Beatrixlaan, at the large car parks on Lange Pad and opposite the Deer Camp.

Even more green in Rotterdam

Still have energy left after your round of Kralingse Plas? Then visit Park Rozenburg, Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum or Stadskwekerij De Kas.

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