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Do: round Brienenoord Island with kids

Celebrate spring with the kid-friendly running course on Brienenoord Island. Sprint through the forest and run under the huge bridge past the toad pool, the viewpoint and the tidal channel. The route also lets you stop in between to play and discover nature.

1. Van Brienenoord bridge

From a distance, the white arched bridge already looks enormous, but when you run between the giant concrete pillars under the Van Brienenoord Bridge, you suddenly feel tiny. Close your eyes, be very still and listen to all the sounds around you. Can you hear the murmur of cars driving over the bridge above your head?

2. Tidal channel

River water flows into the island via a tidal channel. Due to the open connection of the New Maas via the Nieuwe Waterweg to the sea, the difference between low and high tide here is as much as one and a half metres. Forester Gerard Katoen. "Many plants and animals like the difference between low and high tide and salt and fresh water. The spindle otter, for example, does very well in muddy environments. This also applies to several bird species such as the spoonbill and the stilt walker."

3. Maaskijker

Did you know that stair climbing is more intense than jogging? On top of the wooden lookout, pant for a while and enjoy the view of the river and the huge bridge. I see, I see what you don't. Who will discover the most from the Maaskijker?

4. Nature playground the Happy Bee

Crawl through the willow tunnel as fast as you can. How long can you balance on the tree trunk? You can expend all your energy in this adventure playground!

5. Buitenplaats Brienenoord

From art projects, children's workshops to theatre performances, Buitenplaats Brienenoord is a do, make and play place for young and old. At weekends, you can come here for a drink and a tasty cake by the campfire.

6. Mushroom

Young trees and shrubs have been planted around the new toad pool. Do you see some frogspawn yet? Shush... you might hear some frogs or toads croaking.

7. Construction dock

See that big pond? This used to be a construction dock where the tunnel sections for the Rotterdam metro were built. A few rusty machine parts still stand among the greenery.

8. Viewpoint Water Forest

Climb this work of art for a great view of Rotterdam's skyline. You can also descend and take a closer look at the water; you might see some marsh flowers and freshwater mussels here. The asphalt has stencils of insects found on the island. Which ones will you see all? It looks like a course, slalom around them without touching them.

How to get there
Cars are not allowed on the island. You can park in front of the bridge on the quay along Hoendiep, in the business park or in the car park near De Kuip. You can also take tram 23 (Stadion Feyenoord stop) or the water taxi (jetty 010 Stadion Feyenoord). From here it is about a 10-minute walk.

NN Marathon Rotterdam
Just a lap at Eiland van Brienenoord for now, but maybe the Rotterdam marathon in the future? You can get inspiration on 10 April. Then it will be time for the 41st edition of the NN Marathon Rotterdam.

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