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Krisiun (BR) + Baest (DK) + Defacing God (DK) + Triagone (BE) BR) + Baest (DK) + Defacing God (DK) + Triagone (BE


Brazil’s kings of death metal Armageddon Krisiun launch their new album, Mortem Solis, via Century Media

Records. For the group’s 12th album, the trio - brothers Alex Camargo (bass/vocals), Max Kolesne (drums) and Moyses

Kolesne (guitars) - was determined to keep Krisiun’s longstanding underground fearlessness intact. As metaldom

eyes commercial ventures, Mortem Solis is a direct counter, a white-hot blade into the chest of a pre-fab musical culture. This is tried and true fiercely aggressive yet deceptively hard-working death metal.

Krisiun’s infernal path started in Ijuí, Brazil, in 1990. The threesome were inspired by a diverse array of extreme

metal, including Slayer, Venom, Destruction, Motörhead, Morbid Angel and famed countrymen Sepultura. The group toiled for years before signing a deal with São Paulo-based Dynamo Records and arriving at their now-classic debut album, Black Force Domain, in 1995. Word spread quickly. Krisiun’s unbridled ruthlessness stil is absolutely riveting.


Five-time GAFFA award-winning extreme metal act Baest set their beastly sights on the next phase of their campaign for musical domination. The hard-working Danes are prepping for a massive European run with Krisiun while assembling the guts of the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed LP, Necro Sapiens (2021). To date, Baest have amassed two EPs and three full-lengths. They've racked up 300+ live shows and held some of Europe's biggest festival stages (Copenhell, Roskilde, Sweden Rock, Bloodstock) hostage. Singles “Genesis,” “Ecclesia,” and “Crosswhore” have racked up over 2.5 million streams. There's no stopping Baest.


Blackened Melodic Death Metal (DK, Napalm Records / New album released in September 2022) Female-fronted DEFACING GOD balance extreme horror melodies with a twist of grandiose orchestration, echoing the styles of artists such as Cradle of Filth, early Arch Enemy, Carach Angren and Dimmu Borgir. Rather than blending it with a conventional dose of Black Metal, the band fiercely merges these auras with infernal Death Metal. DEFACING GOD's brand new record 'The Resurrection of Lilith' is a multifaceted, grim and bludgeoning escape that spans the arc between raw Death & Black Metal and symphonic grandiosity

with ease, showcasing DEFACING GOD’s ambition to bewitch Metal fans around the world with their sonic universe of horror.


JINJER meets ARCHSPIRE meets ABORTED Brutal Tech Death fronted by female singer/puncher Lorena Moraes Female Beast VS. Male Beast brutal vocal duo. Blast beats & guitar solo mania. Extreme musicianship masterclass. Technical guitar work

Visuals influenced by ancient Greek & Italian art Latin / ancient Greek / French / Portuguese / German languages Multicultural

band members with roots in Brazil, Italy, France & Belgium Anticapitalism Based in Brussels, Belgium.

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