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Kralingse Bos & Plas

Barbecuing at the beach, going to the De Kraal petting zoo, running around the pool: there is no Rotterdammer who does not enjoy the Kralingse Bos.

A Natural Recreation Area

The Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam's largest city park, extends over approximately 250 hectares, with a harmonious balance between water, forest and open spaces. The park, awarded Best Public Space in the Netherlands in 2007, is a popular place for both Rotterdam residents and visitors from other regions. Surrounded by the Kralingse Plas, this area is not only an important recreational location, but also of great importance for nature. The Kralingse Plas attracts approximately 3.5 million visitors every year, playing a central role in the urban life of Rotterdam.

Activities for Everyone

Numerous activities are possible in the Kralingse Bos. It is a perfect location for sports such as skating, walking, running, cycling, horse riding and sailing. The combination of forest and open water offers a unique experience for visitors who want to enjoy nature and recreation in the city. The forest, also known as Kralingerhout, consists of half water and the other half forest and grassland, offering a diversity of landscapes. Whether you want to relax in the sun with a barbecue, jog along the water, or simply enjoy the peaceful nature, the Kralingse Bos offers something for everyone.

With the children

Children can play and romp freely along the beach and at the petting zoo, there is a cable car, a nature playground, climbing stones and climbing trees. The climbing stones come from the Delftse Poort, a city gate that was destroyed during the bombing during the Second World War. De Kraal petting zoo is also accessible by ferry.

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