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De Kunstfabriek | Unit699 is an art gallery and natural wine bar in one

Renowned Rotterdam creative entrepreneurs André Marques and Tim Wes are opening a unique concept in the Groot Handelsgebouw. The Kunstfabriek | Unit699 is a place where art is created, conceived and celebrated while enjoying a glass of good natural wine.

Founders André Marques and Tim Wes are excited to bring their worlds together and create a utopia of new creativity. They are no fans of conventional choices and sought a location that matches their DNA and story. Surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs in the vibrant heart of the city, The Art Factory | Unit699 offers an experience where every detail has been thought through. "Every spot in the space contributes to the bigger picture. Get ready to discover all different worlds right from the moment you step inside."

André has built a wide cultural and commercial network. As co-founder of the CHIPS collective, he has connected like-minded people within subcultures around the world and created a universal network of creators. Tim Wes, on the other hand, began as an artist in the music industry. His creative vision extended beyond music, and he made his mark in various artistic fields, with exhibitions of his work at renowned platforms such as Art Rotterdam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and many more. At art platforms, their paths crossed. The production house Together & Dedicated was born and from there André and Tim flowed into the art world.

Haven for creatives

Together, they aim for The Art Factory | Unit699 to provide a haven for creativity in a world full of rigid structures. "We feel the urgency of scarcity of places where rigid structures are broken. Where there is room for untrodden paths. Unheard voices and impactful stories through art, entrepreneurship and different worlds of experience," Marques and Wes stress. They respond to this desire with the brand new social and experimental hub, inviting everyone to be vulnerable, share emotions and escape the daily grind. Visitors can be inspired by the work of emerging contemporary artists or simply enjoy a carefully curated selection of natural wines and Portuguese refreshments. All within the tropical courtyard of the Groot Handelsgebouw.

Start a journey through different spaces

That courtyard is designed so that visitors can travel through different spaces. At the front is a gallery. Here, different concepts, ideologies and thoughts are displayed. It is where creations from the community are given a stage. This gallery is adjacent to the centre of the space, where creations take place on the spot. Here, the community can spar with each other about existing or future projects.

Hidden bar

At the back is a hidden bar. Here, Japanese tea is served during the day and anyone can always settle down for eccentric natural wines. Wines with a story. Storytelling is therefore paramount for the founders. They work closely with sommeliers and wine producers in Portugal. "We translate and tell the stories of those winemakers and toast to life and craftsmanship at The Art Factory | Unit699," they reveal.

More info

Address: Weena 699

Opening hours:
The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00
The natural wine bar is open Thursday to Saturday from 18:00 to 02:00

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