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Chef Perry de Man's getaway tips

He is back on television daily on 24Kitchen. Chef Perry de Man again welcomes famous names into his kitchen to prepare their guilty pleasures in culinary fashion. Guilty Pleasures Season 2 airs every day at 18:00 on 24Kitchen. But in Rotterdam, you might just run into him in the wild at De Toko or Joint Pizza Bar, for instance. These are Perry's out tips!

Bar Cult

''New wine bar in West where my friend Rutger rules the roost. Together with Kamiel, they pour the best wines. A very nice place to hang out at the bar (several times a week) and taste what goodies they pull from the cellar.''

Hung Kee

As a chef, you can't ignore this eatery. It used to be open until 05:00 in the morning so this is where I used to regularly find myself wolfing down a table full of food after work. Quality is always good. Regular order: on my own: bami soup with duck. In company: squid pepper-salt, for nam, satay mix with lontong, kai lan with oyster sauce and a pot of tea. Ge-wel-dig

Bara Palace Maharani

''The best baras in the Netherlands''

Butcher's shop Ooteman

''This is where I always pop in for a sandwich of "koeientiet". My grandfather loved udderboard and because of him I grew to love it, every time I went to visit him I took some for him. He recently passed away but I keep the tradition alive.''

The Centre Market on the Binnenrotte

''The beating heart of Rotterdam on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Especially when the weather is nice (and I have time for it) I like to go to the market. Just a round for weekly shopping. Actually being a regular: De Meiden Groente en Fruit for the best vitamins. Vishandel Taal for the best fish. It is also a Mecca for snacks. The Turkish pizza stall (with all other dishes), fried fish and of course the kroepia. And fries from van Klaveren. Isn't this fun shopping?''

The Toko

''Just a hand in my pocket... The Toko on the cosy Noordplein where my team makes the coolest dishes. I am incredibly proud of this business and the boys. Summer is just around the corner and then the fun begins. Sitting outside, eating and drinking. Bring it on! We are collaborating with Container Bar, the best neighbours around!''

All of Rotterdam

''It remains a city to discover. Grab a bike, scooter or walk and go into your favourite establishment, make all your money and make sure the hospitality industry stays alive. Eating and drinking at home is boring and you always have to do the dishes yourself. We work our asses off to make you happy and that's what we like best, all we want in return is a full establishment with clinking glasses and conviviality. Get off that couch and throw your TV out the window. Get out there and give the waiter a fat tip.''

Perry receives fellow Rotterdam native Shirma Rouse among others during Guilty Pleasures

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