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West Kruiskade

The West-Kruiskade is a shopping area in the center of Rotterdam. Here you will find a wide variety of cultures, of which no one dominates: from Asian, Surinamese, Turkish, Moroccan to Dutch.

About West-Kruiskade

Shopping on West-Kruiskade is like traveling around the world. Dim sum, waving cats, Surigoud, traditional Dutch meatballs, Afro wigs, Hindustani wedding dresses, garter, Turkish baklava. The offer comes from all over the world and nowhere in Rotterdam is the cultural melting pot as immediately palpable as here. Food plays an important role. Feel free to follow your nose and be surprised by the specialties that the eateries have to offer and don't be afraid to try something new. Ever eaten Fernandes ice cream? Would you like to experience the taste sensation of jellyfish? This is your chance.

There is a cheerful us-know-us street culture on West Kruiskade, much of daily life takes place outside. The atmosphere is extrovert: cyclists wind their way between the honking cars. The sidewalk is often blocked by local residents who greet each other extensively while shopping. A bit hidden, but nice to have a look, is the Wijkpark. You will meet a colorful mix of people on the open lawn and in the small petting zoo. From veiled women with prams and Chinese people doing their daily gymnastics exercises to the students at the nearby conservatory taking a break.


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