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Yunus Aktas - Maakt Niet Uit (try-out) try-out

Yunus Aktas was born and raised in Barneveld, but we don't assume you know him from there. In 2022 he won all prizes at the Cameretten Festival. You may know him from that. You may also know him from his performance in the Evening Show Stand-ups with Arjan Lubach on television. Or from Toomler in Amsterdam. But it's more likely that you don't know him at all. Yunus doesn't care.

According to Albert Camus, life is inherently meaningless and people are confronted with absurdity as they search for meaning in a world that seems to have no intrinsic meaning. Not that Yunus knows what intrinsic means, but that doesn't matter for the performance. A hero - according to Camus and according to Aktas - is someone who is aware of the absurdity, but still offers resistance. That's why this debut program. According to Yunus, the title of this performance does not matter. He doesn't care if you come to watch either. He's going to play anyway. Every night again.

And even though Yunus doesn't care, we at Walhalla would still like it if you came to see Maakt Niet Uit.

“Yunus has a lot of laughs, he is an endearing personality and his dry comedy talent is great.” - Jury Cameretten Festival

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Thu 24 Oct 20:30 - 22:30 Little Valhalla Buy tickets

Thursday 24 October

20:30 - 22:30
From € 17,50
Little Valhalla -  Sumatraweg 9-11, Feijenoord
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