Young Jazz Society with Kika Sprangers and Anna Serierse <sup></sup>

Young Jazz Society with Kika Sprangers and Anna Serierse

Young Jazz Society is a young big band from Utrecht that seeks out new voices in Dutch jazz to break the stylistic conventions of big band music. Not going back to what has already happened, but working with composers and musicians who can take the genre further without cutting through its roots. This approach has already resulted in several exciting and innovative combinations, for example the band previously did projects with Zuco 103 singer Lilian Vieira, New Cool Collective keyboardist Willem Friede, saxophonist Joris Posthumus, composer/conductor Tijn Wybenga and guitarist Reinier Baas. The projects are distinguished by their original and refreshing view on contemporary big band music.

This year the big band is once again bringing two top musicians to the Wilhelminapier: saxophonist Kika Sprangers and singer Anna Serierse. Kika is one of the most interesting new voices in Dutch jazz. Both in her solo work and in her collaborations with, among others, Martin Fondse and Tijn Wybenga's AM.OK, she pushes the boundaries of what jazz can be, with a strong sense of melody, harmonic layering and lyrical improvisation as the common thread. Music that does not loudly demand the listener's attention, but commands it naturally and always rewards it. For the first time, Sprangers' music is specially arranged into a complete big band program, of which she is the artistic director. The dynamic range and rich timbres of a big band are explored. We search for previously hidden layers in the compositions of Kika's albums Human Traits and Mind's Eye.

Anna Serierse has been roped in as second soloist. A logical choice, because Anna is a permanent fixture in Kika's Large Ensemble and a special new voice in contemporary Dutch jazz. Serierse is not 'just' a jazz singer, but always enters into a musical dialogue with instrumentalists, as an improviser and as part of wind sections. With her, connections are made between the various big band sections and unusual but challenging sound combinations are sought.

A concert that is full of Dutch jazz talent, and that tempts you to think differently about the sound of a big band, and to lose yourself in the layers between composition and improvisation.

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Fri 17 May

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