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Yentl en de Boer - Rekhalzen (inspeelvoorstelling) inspeelvoorstelling

Rekhalzen is old Dutch for reaching out. A truly excellent word if it were up to cabaret duo Yentl and de Boer. It's exactly what we need: stretch our necks a bit. Whoooop into the air! Looking for the horizon, the future or just some kind of direction. Is something beautiful waiting? Maybe something surprising…. Are you going to learn something you never imagined you would? Shot put. You appear to have a perfect physique for that! Ailments… infirmity… a slow lonely death in a public place, when everyone thinks you're joking. Or what if your neck goes whoop into the air, but that first look over the neighbor's fence is so frightening that you lose your desire to stretch? He sits there, naked. Custard to eat. To be in the now. How should you relate to that?

After the success of Mud Creepers (which you could see as a reading performance at Walhalla), Yentl and de Boer, accompanied by their phenomenal musicians David Gram and Charly Zastrau, are back with a new program full of beautiful and funny songs that they are so loved for.

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Datum Tijd Locatie Ticketlink
Fri 14 Feb 20:30 - 22:30 Canteen Valhalla Buy tickets
Sat 15 Feb 20:30 - 22:30 Canteen Valhalla Buy tickets

Friday 14 February

20:30 - 22:30
From € 22,50
Canteen Valhalla -  Veerlaan 11, Feijenoord
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