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Yamato Hinotori

YAMATO is a Japanese Taiko drum group based in Asuka-mura Prefecture, Nara. This place is also known to the Japanese as the birthplace of Japan. They call themselves “YAMATO, the Taiko Drum Group that Tours the World”. Yamato has performed over 4,000 shows in 54 countries around the world since their formation in 1993.

YAMATO's Taiko work cannot be fully described with the word 'performance'.

They have performed in theaters, schools, all kinds of events and even give workshops and Taiko classes. They spend six months on a Japan tour and half a year on the world tour. Their motto is: “We go anywhere when someone needs YAMATO! We want to bring energy to the people living in the world!”. They bring joy to the world.

They are on stage with more than 40 Taiko drums and they all have a different character. Their largest drum, called “Odaiko”, is made from a huge tree that is 400 years old. It is approximately two meters in diameter and weighs 500 kg. All other Taiko drums are different sizes and have different sounds.

The members of the group have trained their bodies to the limit to play this enormous Taiko.

The acoustic pressure exceeds imagination.

They don't just explode their Taiko drums into a huge sound; they also produce delicate music that provides the listener with a palette of carefully crafted tones. This is why YAMATO's original performances are known as "physical music" and continue to receive critical acclaim around the world. YAMATO is sometimes intense, sometimes sad, sometimes comforting and in the next moment comical on stage.

The audience is more than a group of spectators.

The audience is engulfed by the sound of the Taiko, sweat, crying and laughter; they become one with the artists. All kinds of people gather around the sound of the Taiko and weave their lives together, feeling the power of each other's inner passion and heart.

They come together to create a moment where they feel truly alive.

"Discover the new experience through Taiko sounds never felt before"

YAMATO still travels the world.

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Sat 11 May

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New Luxor Theater -  Posthumalaan 1, Feijenoord
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