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Why wouldn't you date me?

From ancient times, the female body has served as a currency to promote social relationships, disguised under marriage. Women were socially coerced into finding husbands—a system that rendered a young woman's consent meaningless in a world of violent, patriarchal norms. Their only act of emancipation in many European rituals turned out to be the gesture of handing an apple to her chosen partner, symbolizing their consent and leaving them just one bite away from her marriage.

In 2024, this symbolic apple has evolved into Apple products and dating apps, which commercialize love and sex. These platforms now commodify not just female bodies, but the digital footprints of all their users, reinforcing capitalist surveillance.

The performance Why wouldn't you date me? by Rotterdam and Croatia-based artist Ines Borovac draws parallels with historical practices through a performance that claims control over personal data. From July 17 to 20, Ines Borovac will take part in a series of monitored dates. These dates will be streamed live in Garage Rotterdam with Borovac's home country (Croatia) given the power to influence her dates via an interactive app on their phones.

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17 Jul - 20 Jul
Garage Rotterdam

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From 17 July to 20 July

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Garage Rotterdam -  Goudsewagenstraat 27, Centrum
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