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VR Cinema – 360 - Final Frontier

With VR Cinema – 360º, you experience the films 1st Step, I Saw the Future, and Aripi with a VR headset together in the theater. All films are English spoken. At VR Cinema – 360º you experience the films 1st Step , I Saw the Future and Aripi with VR glasses from a cinema seat. 1st Step (Jörg Courtial) 16 minutes It's been more than 50 years since the last humans set foot on the moon during the legendary Apollo 17 mission and you could be next! Put on the VR glasses and go on a space journey: from launch on the ground to landing on the moon and back to Earth. With archive photos, data from NASA and advice from ESA experts to reconstruct everything as accurately and detailed as possible.

1st Step won the VeeR Future Award at Cannes XR in 2020. I Saw the Future (François Vautier) 6 minutes

I Saw the Future immerses the viewer in the vision of the future of Arthur C. Clarke, co-author of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Clarke's extensive work as a science fiction writer and television producer made many people enthusiastic about space travel. In addition to many prizes, it earned him the nickname “ prophet of the space age ”. The basis for I Saw the Future is an interview that Clarke gave to the BBC in the 1960s. In it he explained what he thought the year 2000 would look like and predicted the digital revolution, decades before his time. Aripi (Dmitri Voloshin) 8 minutes Aripi is an exciting VR adventure about an astronaut who has dreamed of flying and being free since childhood. His fantasy seems to come true, because years later he finds himself floating in a spaceship in orbit around the Earth. However, more and more problems arise, leading to even bigger problems and a crash seems inevitable. That's the end of the childhood dream... or is it? With Aripi, which means 'wings' in Romanian, Dmitri Voloshin pays tribute to his friend Yuri Boroday, a pilot who remains missing to this day.

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Sun 26 May
Wed 29 May

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