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Vos en Haas Redden het Bos

Strange things happen in the forest. Owl suddenly disappeared, and out of nowhere a large lake appeared. Fox and Hare are determined to find out what is going on. While looking for their friend Owl, they meet a group of mischievous rats who take them to the secret hideout of the clever Beaver. There they discover a hidden underwater paradise! But they soon realize that things are not as they seem. Will Fox and Hare find a way out in time? Can they save the forest? This adventure is full of comical and heartwarming moments.

What started as a children's series grew into a wonderful family film with adult humor and winks under director Mascha Halberstad. The combination of stop-motion animation and 3D computer animation gives the film a unique visual appearance. By first sculpting clay figures for the new characters and then placing them in a 3D environment, the film retains that characteristic stop-motion feeling that Halberstad is so adept at.

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Wed 24 Apr
Tue 30 Apr

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