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Viola Innocenti hosts, Lemnis - Constellations

Lemnis is an eight-member singer collective that creates a cappella musical theater performances. Based on a personal theme or a social issue, we create musical montage theater, using a broad a cappella repertoire as a basis.

In our first production we look up. Since the beginning of humanity, there has been a close relationship between humans and the (starry) sky. The fascination with this ever-present, completely inaccessible and constantly changing sky above us has served as a source of inspiration for numerous mythologies.

Heaven was thought to be the dwelling place of the gods or of the souls of the dead. We thought we could predict the future based on the position of the heavenly bodies, or at least we were convinced that the stars had an influence on our earthly existence.

The sky and the stars have also been a great source of inspiration for many composers and musicians. In Constellations, Lemnis takes the audience along the celestial bodies, stories about the sky from all corners of the world, and beautiful music that expresses our relationship with them. We sing music by iconic composers such as Schumann, Harris and Monteverdi, but also The Beatles, Coldplay and Led Zeppelin should not be missed.

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Fri 19 Apr
20:15 - 21:30

Friday 19 April

20:15 - 21:30
From € 16,40 tot € 23,90
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