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Vier Koningsdag met een bosbad

For millions of years, we humans have lived in balance with nature. Imagine if you could regain access to the greatest source of energy and inspiration. Shinrin yoku does that, it allows you to reconnect with nature, thus rediscovering aspects of your being that you may not have experienced before.

A forest bath does more than simply disconnect you from all the technology and noise, it allows you to connect with something bigger than ourselves. You tune into a deeper wisdom. Call it intuition, nature or the universe – it has a message for you, exactly the message you need at that moment.

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Sat 27 Apr
00:17 - 16:00

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Saturday 27 April

00:17 - 16:00
From € 20,00 tot € 49,00
Country estate De Tempel -  West-Abtspolderseweg 1, Rotterdam other
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