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Van mij!

An empty space.

A small cube.

Two people.

They look alike.

But they are not the same.

Yet they both want that one thing, that one thing.

Only that doesn't work...

Or is it?

Although adults are developing more and more realistic toys for children, toddlers are good at abstraction. For them, with their infinite imagination, such a cube can always be something different. A chair, a hiding place, a hug. Something to appropriate, crush, embrace – and perhaps share. The world in small, so that we can later see it on a large scale.

With From me! we dive into the developmental phase of the toddler in which self-awareness gradually arises and at the same time the sense of ownership.


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Playing together plays an important role in exploring, stretching and defining boundaries - this is how you learn to share. Toddlers soon discover that a pinch of cheekiness and an ounce of humor can go a long way in improving mutual relationships. And with the flexibility and forgiveness that characterizes people of their modest age, they usually resolve conflicts quickly. Their parents can learn something from this...

Mine! is a playful performance full of unlimited possibilities, in which I realize that something can be mine , but the world is also bigger than just mine!

Duration 35 minutes + 10 minutes after play

All dates

Datum Tijd Locatie Ticketlink
Sun 10 Nov 11:00 Maas theater and dance - Maaspodium

Sunday 10 November

From € 8,00 tot € 13,00
Maas theater and dance - Maaspodium -  Sint-Jobsweg 3, Delfshaven
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