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The program starts at 1:30 PM with a demo from Customs at FutureLand. Customs uses dogs for various purposes. For example, a dog and handler team can find drugs, cash, explosives, tobacco or people. Especially for Father's Day, Customs is giving a demonstration so that you can see a real sniffer dog in action.

Rescue Brigade

After the Customs demo we leave with the FutureLand Express to the post of the Rotterdam Rescue Brigade. This is located on top of the dune with a perfect view of the bathing beach. Between April 30 and September 11, the Rescue Brigade keeps an eye on things during weekends and public holidays. The Rescue Brigade is even present every day from July 25 to August 19. Bathers and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the beach and sea safely. Especially for Father's Day, the Rotterdam Rescue Brigade is giving a demo so you can see them in action! Before and after the bus excursion you will also meet volunteers from the Rotterdam Rescue Brigade in FutureLand. They will be there all day with a stand.

Fire brigade

After the demo of the Rescue Brigade we leave by bus to the Fire Department. From the barracks on the Coloradoweg, the Fire Brigade works on the safety of the largest port and industrial complex in Europe. This naturally includes an extensive package of tasks. So time for a meeting with the Fire Department! View the equipment that the Fire Department has available to respond to emergencies. You can even take a look inside the fire truck. Maybe you will also take action yourself...?

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Sun 16 Jun
13:30 - 17:00

Sunday 16 June

13:30 - 17:00
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