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Transit - DeRonde/Deroo

As you wait for help, with your suitcase in hand, your body starts to shake as if there is an earthquake inside you. There is no help on the way. You're completely on your own. Advice? Enjoy it, because there is still a long way to go.

TRANSIT is a sequel to 'After The Echo', which won the Best of Fringe Award of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2021.

“In Dutch theater you don't often see makers building such a consistent and rich visual universe as Deroo and De Ronde do here” - De Theaterkrant

“Impactful, touching and, to quote one of the jury members: “freaking magical” - Amsterdam Fringe Jury

A teaser for the performance can be found here.

About DeRonde/Deroo

DeRonde/Deroo consists of mimers Nick Deroo (Belgium, Ostend, 1990) and Tom de Ronde (Netherlands, Delft, 1997). Both studied at the Mime course in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. There they found each other in their shared love for cinematic theater. DeRonde/Deroo creates dream worlds that remain on your retina. As a viewer you get a glimpse into a universe with its own rules and surreal moments. Their performances are often described as visually stunning poems. Tom and Nick are both also active outside their collective. As a result, they continue to challenge themselves and are inspired by artists around them.

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Datum Tijd Locatie Ticketlink
Fri 4 Apr 20:30 - 21:30 Workshop Valhalla Buy tickets

Friday 4 April

20:30 - 21:30
From € 17,50
Workshop Valhalla -  Tolhuisstraat 105, Feijenoord
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