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Tipping point

The object looks like a broken off part of a shipwreck or a piece of space junk. As soon as the six climb it, it tips over and they must react immediately to keep their footing. This instability reinforces both their vulnerability and their dependence on each other; every movement has an influence on the object and on each other.

The performers search for balance – of the object and their mutual relationships – but discover that they mercilessly collide with the limits of their individual freedoms. Only by surrendering to the laws of gravity and each other can they play the object and stay upright. Only by working together can they find perfect balance and control for a moment.

Tipping Point is a challenging performance about dependency, changing power relations and large uncontrollable elements. With a unique, powerful language on the border between dance and acrobatics, full of risks, Panama Pictures knows how to keep the spectators on the edge of their seats.

The movements are accompanied, propelled, magnified or negated by a specially composed music composition that is at times larger than life , but at other times emphasizes the emptiness and makes the intimacy of the performers palpable.

"We live in unstable times and it is becoming increasingly clear how much we are globally dependent on each other: every decision has an impact, sometimes the consequences of our actions (or the lack of action) can be felt on the other side of the world. Tipping Point questions our individual freedom and collective responsibility." - Pia Meuthen

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Thu 14 Nov

Thursday 14 November

From € 10,00 tot € 17,50
Maas theater and dance - Maaspodium -  Sint-Jobsweg 3, Delfshaven
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