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The Gories

Legendary Detroit trio The Gories have had maximum impact with the bare minimum of instruments. They made great contributions and changed the course of garage rock with just two guitars and a drum kit. The Gories were one of the first bands to integrate blues influences, in which Detroit has a rich history, into rougher music. Their hypnotic rock 'n' roll was created without any prior knowledge of music or their instruments, but based on feeling and style. With their irresistible flair they are back to captivate Europe once again.

Their most famous song is the monotonous banger "There But for the Grace of God I Go", but you can also know them from "Nitroglycerine". Most of the old hands in the underground garage scene will know them, but the young people are also gathering in full force for this menacing trio. So get your tickets quickly and show that we can still rock 'n roll like before in 2024!

This evening is hosted by Nospray, a Rotterdam DIY collective with a keen ear for the most exciting bands of tomorrow. Uncompromising and punk, in both love of music and work ethic, a Nospray lineup gives as much attention to innovators in guitar music as it does to underrated bands of the past. The local music scene is booming faster than ever since Nospray emerged, and that's no coincidence.

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Fri 21 Jun
21:15 - 23:00

Friday 21 June

21:15 - 23:00
From € 19,00
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