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Tell Me Where You Are Really From

“While my uncle shakes my hand and strokes my head, he asks with a big smile: “A ma mirë këtu, a atje?” (Is it better here or there?). I know he expects me to answer that things are better in the Netherlands, but I still say: “Here, because you are here.” My great uncle bursts out laughing. How is it possible that Kosovo - just after the war, where the smells of death and destruction still linger in the country - is better than in the Netherlands, one of the richest countries in the west? My great-uncle doesn't know that the Netherlands makes me feel like I'm not at home every day. Despite the dream that the West sells us, we can barely make ends meet.” - Falkona Rexhepi, program maker MaMA

Dutch people with a migration background find themselves in a twilight zone between two cultures: their house is (or once lived) in both worlds, but at the same time they do not really feel at home anywhere. Tell Me Where You Are Really From stages this experience of invisible homelessness against the backdrop of the aesthetics of the Balkan Peninsula; fueled by personal memories of program maker Falkona Rexhepi (fabrics, colors, scents, sofas and rugs), MaMA's showroom transforms into a time capsule, which is unknown to the Netherlands and at the same time so incredibly recognizable to so many Dutch people.

Tell Me Where You Are Really From is an exhibition about immigration & diaspora, connection & alienation, struggle & feeling (not) at home. MaMA serves as a temporary home for these stories, and as a starting point for their exploration. Tell Me Where You Are Really From is for those who have lived these stories and for those who want to know them.

MaMA combines visual arts with talent development. Since 2019, she has handed over the key to the showroom to a program maker three times a year. With the help of staff members and outside experts, the program makers develop an exhibition from A to Z: from project plan to opening and closing, everything is discussed.

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10 May - 7 Jul

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