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Summer Music@Dox Met Berber en Alexine

Attention music lovers! This summer, Rotterdam pop artists and promising talents from Codarts Rotterdam will perform. Every artist brings their own unique sound. Every evening is different and you hear new talent every time. Curious? Please come along, admission to the event is free.


Rotterdam songwriter and singer Berber hides her most honest thoughts in Dutch indie pop songs with catchy choruses, rough guitar sounds and dreamy backing vocals a la Eefje de Visser and Pommelien Thijs. Berber writes about topics such as insecurity, childhood memories, lies and sabotaging your own happiness. Her goal is to translate these feelings into music as beautifully as possible and to show her audience that you are never alone in what you feel. She is currently working on her debut EP, the first singles of which she will release in spring 2024.

Together with her band, Berber creates a live moment for anyone who wants to process, celebrate or forget their deepest emotions.

Nina Bailey

"Dynamite comes in small packages". This certainly applies to Nina Bailey, a 22-year-old mellow pop singer and songwriter. Nina comes across as shy, in her lyrics and music she shows what she feels and thinks. According to her, the topics she doesn't like to talk about have the most expressiveness and make her music and lyrics honest and interesting. Smart lyrics, catchy melodies, enchanting harmonies and a gay but also critical perspective form the basis of Nina Bailey's work. By sharing her own stories, she hopes listeners find comfort and realize they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings.


21-year-old singer-songwriter and recording artist Alexine taught herself to play guitar at the age of 16, quickly developing a passion for songwriting and production. In her music she speaks out about topics that concern her personally and environmental or social issues. She throws her unfiltered thoughts onto the table in her songs and thus creates a personal bond with her audience, where one thing is central: Authenticity.





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