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Subtly Sculptural

Subtly Sculptural (Subtle Sculptural) is an open exhibition format in the form of a traveling exhibition with a varying number of internationally active and renowned artists from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The artworks in the Subtly Sculptural project make their way along the narrow interface where two- and three-dimensional design meet and enter into a certain productive conflict with each other. It is precisely in the tension created in this way that their aesthetic appeal lies.

Fragment from the introductory text by Peter Lodermeyer, 2023

Participating artists are:

Nelleke Beltjens (NL), Hedwig Brouckaert (BE), Katharina Hinsberg (DE), Thomas Kemper (DE), Mark Kramer (NL), Markus Krug (DE), Gerda Kruimer (NL), Anne Katrin Lemke (DE), Andreas My (DE), Zaida Oenema (NL), Marena Seeling (NL) and Patricia Westerholz (DE).

All dates

15 Jun - 14 Jul
Studio Seine

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