Stefan Pop & Wina Ricardo xBASH <sup></sup>

Stefan Pop & Wina Ricardo xBASH

Stefan Pop (1985) walked on stage for the first time as a 15-year-old at comedy club Toomler, Amsterdam and not long after he was accepted as a full Comedytrain member.

Now we have two theater programs, a book, 10 years as editor-in-chief of the TV program Dit Was Het Nieuws and, above all, three television seasons as writer and player of his own devised sketch program Klikbeet.

The online count of Klikbeet views currently stands at 32 million views. So the chance that people know Stefan from his sketches is now greater than from his stand-up. And if you can't post it yet, there are still his columns at Radio 2 at Spijkers met Koppen.

Stefan also books the international shows in Toomler. By booking comedians with different styles on the same evening, he wants to challenge the audience to get to know multiple sides of comedy. Especially to break through the 'echo chamber' that we all find ourselves in every now and then.

Stefan does quite a lot, but if you ask him directly what he prefers to do, it is still his first and greatest love, namely stand-up comedy.

Wina Ricardo

Comédienne Wina Ricardo is small and looks innocent, but nothing could be further from the truth. With her Caribbean temperament, fast jokes, big movements and the necessary self-mockery, she makes the audience laugh. In October 2021 she had the final show of her comedy course and a few weeks later she immediately won the personality award of 'Let's Make Comedy'. She has only just come to see us, but is already making a big impression. Expect a show full of small themes, big themes and current affairs.

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Sat 25 May
19:30 - 21:15

Saturday 25 May

19:30 - 21:15
From € 16,00
Comedy Club Haug -  Boompjeskade 11, Centrum
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