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Ruimte om te stemmen

Stichting Lokaal is organizing a new edition of 'Room to Vote' on Monday evening, May 27, 2024. In the last municipal elections, Rotterdam had a historically low turnout, with 38.9% of Rotterdam residents going to the polls. This was the lowest turnout in the whole of the Netherlands. Rotterdam also had the lowest turnout nationally in the House of Representatives elections.

In November 2023, the Lokaal foundation therefore organized the dialogue meeting 'Room to vote' in the Afrikaanderwijk. The aim was to talk to residents about why they do or do not vote. During this evening we learned that residents know perfectly well why they do not vote, while the assumption is often that residents do not understand how democracy works. For many Rotterdammers, the 'party of democracy' remains a far-from-my-bed show. High energy and fuel prices and expensive groceries are the things people are concerned about. Is there still room in your head to delve into politics?

On Monday evening, May 27, the Lokaal Foundation is organizing another edition of 'Room to Vote'. This time we will do so again in Huis van de Wijk 't Klooster at Afrikaanderplein 7. We will then talk about what the influence of your vote is or can be. Because what exactly is your vote worth? And what will be done with your vote? We will also discuss the results of the MARKT research that Lokaal conducted on the Afrikaander market.

We start at 7:30 PM (enter from 7:00 PM) and we end the evening at 9:30 PM. There are no costs involved. Reservations can be made via localrotterdam.weticket.com

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Mon 27 May
19:30 - 21:30

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Monday 27 May

19:30 - 21:30
Free entry
Collective building 't Klooster -  Afrikaanderplein 7, Feijenoord
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