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Risky Business 1983

Film with introduction by Wiep van Bunge, professor of History of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam and member of the KNAW. Meet Joel Goodsen. An industrious 17-year-old with college plans. Joe gets good grades and is about to be accepted into the prestigious Princeton University. But he's been good for too long. And when Joel's parents go on a trip, they confidently entrust him with the house. Naturally, this gets out of hand and he is forced to recoup costs by organizing a pop-up brothel. Even though Princeton knows about this, he is still - or because of this? - accepted. In the seventeenth century, economists for the first time described society as it was, instead of as it should be. Bernard Mandeville from Rotterdam shocked the world with his statement: private vices, public benefits. He described how people's sins did not necessarily have to be bad for the economy of society. Wiep van Bunge's introduction will mainly focus on this turnaround in Western thinking. "Risky Business is one of the best American comedies of recent years ," wrote Roger Ebert in 1983. The film cunningly explores the dilemma of teenagers struggling with a good heart and feelings of guilt. In Risky Business , which made him a star, mainly thanks to the legendary dance scene, Tom Cruise plays the charmer with a conscience. A taste of the later Jerry Maguire . Rebecca de Mornay delivers her dynamic film debut as the free-spirited call girl Lana.

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