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Return of the King SADETTIN K

After the success of CITIZEN K and Somedaymyprincewill.com, master storyteller Sadettin Kırmızıyüz and director Casper Vandeputte are working together again. Their latest performance Return of the King is about the remigration of Sadettin's retired father. After fifty years of working and living in the Netherlands, he boarded a plane to Turkey a few months ago to live the rest of his life as a king.

Twilight generation

In the 1970s, Sadettin's father dreamed of earning enough money in the Netherlands so that he could live a good life in Turkey. But like so many of his generation, it took him much longer than planned. Half a century longer, to be precise.

Sadettin's father's generation has gradually disappeared from Dutch society. They return to the Motherland, making it seem as if they were never really here. A twilight generation that heralds the end of an era.

What has their presence meant for our country? How have they changed the Netherlands and how have the Netherlands changed them? What does their departure mean for the Netherlands? How will Sadettin's father fare in Turkey, the country he once left for the Netherlands to build a future? And how are things going for Sadettin and his contemporaries, who now have children of their own and see a future here in the Netherlands?

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Wed 4 Dec 20:15 Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg Buy tickets
Thu 5 Dec 20:15 Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg Buy tickets

Wednesday 4 December

From € 10,00 tot € 21,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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