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Reci Da!

Reci Da! means Say Yes! in Bosnian and is an invitation to everyone who wants to break away from the thinking head and dance to their Gipsy/Balkan music. The lyrics of Reci Da! often touch on intangible topics, such as gratitude, love and connection. These are communicated through their joyful music with its own sound: Balkan, touch of pop, touch of swing, here and there a Dutch text with Gipsy rhythms and accelerations. With this, Reci Da! a new edge to Gipsy/Balkan music, with the same intention: saying yes to everything that we are and everything that flows within us. Not only is the music very catchy, but also the mutual friendship and joy that Reci Da! shows on stage, makes people dance to everything the evening brings.

Cult North is an emerging initiative that focuses on art education and passion development among young self-taught makers from Rotterdam. We want to introduce this target group to various creative expressions in order to respond to the feeling of happiness and meaning, but also to create an infrastructure for professionalization. We work based on the needs of our target group and together we create a program that meets current wishes. In this way, we strive for an accessible art and culture sector and for us culture is not a means but an ecosystem where various domains such as welfare, healthcare and education are also offered.

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Fri 5 Jul

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