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Pieter de Graaf

Pianist, composer and producer Pieter de Graaf is a versatile talent and has already completed an impressive musical journey. He performed his own music at Mysteryland and ADE and composed music for films and documentaries. In 2020 he won an Edison in the neoclassical category and his music has been streamed tens of millions of times on Spotify and Apple Music. Pieter de Graaf sees no boundaries between genres but connects classical, jazz, pop to hip hop and world music. He uses the piano in his own unique way; he uses the rubber mallets for deep kick drum sounds, the chopsticks for percussive elements, he puts tape on the strings and cloth between the strings to edit the sound. He also uses all kinds of objects to enrich his music: from wine bottles, windshield wipers, humming tops and his voice to analog synthesizers. In his latest project Day & Night, a Tapestry of Life, Pieter explores extremes. In Day you hear quiet, meditative piano compositions, while in Night you go all out with electronic and exciting pieces. On October 26, Pieter de Graaf will also explore those extremes in LantarenVenster: from quiet introspection to fiery intensity.

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Sat 26 Oct

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