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PEARLS - Joshua Serafin (PH) PH

Joshua Serafin leads PEARLS, a journey that explores pre-colonial Filipino identities through dance, song and theater, along with fellow artists Lukresia Quismundo and Bunny Cadag. Their mission goes beyond just putting on a show; it's a way to honor a time when people viewed gender as fluid, like a flowing river. Inspired by these stories, they want to discuss gender in a new way, breaking away from old ideas.

In 2022 we presented Serafin's performance MISS on Feeling Curious? Festival.During Welcome to our Guesthouse 2023 (the artist-in-residence program of Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam), Joshua Serafin played VOID and conducted research for PEARLS. Serafin has been chosen to present their work VOID at the prestigious Venice Biennale.

PEARLS is the final chapter of Cosmological Gangbang, a project in which Serafin envisioned a new cosmology with three different goddesses emerging from unique portals. These portals lead to different realms where these goddesses live, creating, balancing and ending life.


Joshua Serafin is a multidisciplinary artist from the Philippines who combines dance, performance, visual arts and choreography, while currently living in Brussels. Serafin graduated from the Philippine High School for the Arts in Theater Arts and continued their studies at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in contemporary dance. They recently graduated from PARTS and are currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at the KASK School of the Arts in Ghent.

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Thu 26 Sept
Fri 27 Sept

Thursday 26 September

From € 10,00 tot € 17,00
Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg -  Schouwburgplein 25, Centrum
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