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Opgeraapt Opgevist Uitgehakt

'Opraapt Opgevist Uithouden' presents a unique overview of fossils from Dutch soil. The exhibition takes the visitor back in time, from 500 million year old tube sandstone from Drenthe, 70 million year old sharks and sea urchins from the Limburg Cretaceous to the relatively young skeletal parts of the woolly mammoth, sabre-toothed cat and beluga from the North Sea. fished up. These and other beautiful fossils - masterpieces from Dutch museum collections and private collections - provide a picture of our prehistory that is not so complete anywhere else.

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22 Sept - 31 Dec 2030
Natural History Museum Rotterdam

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From 22 September to 31 December 2030

From € 8,00
Natural History Museum Rotterdam -  Westzeedijk 345, Centrum
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