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Omaggio alle rose Artist in Focus 2024

'Omaggio all rose'

In recent years, this repertoire has become one of the main sources of inspiration for Fongaro's work: the themes and aesthetics of this music have helped him define his own work; for example, part of this process resulted in learning to use storytelling as a guide to the melodic and harmonic content of his compositions. The project explores Italian singer-songwriter traditions and the work of artists such as De Gregori, De Andrè, Dalla and Battisti.

About the collaboration

The collaboration between Fongaro and Oliveira began during the Gallery Tour of NSRT 2023. The two musicians then came together to explore improvisation in the most open, unfiltered and intuitive way, and quickly found a special musical understanding worth cherishing . Through Gabriel, Alessandro met Italian singer Beatrice Sberna, whose very personal approach to singing and storytelling resonated strongly with Fongaro. Alessandro's collaboration with drummer and electronic artist Giovanni Iacovella began a few years ago with the experimental duo 'With No Hands', and they continued their collaboration in other projects such as 'CLOD!' and 'Peter'.

About the Artist in Focus 2024

Bassist and composer Alessandro Fongaro is Artist in Focus 2024 of North Sea Round Town (NSRT). From June 27 to July 14, 2024, Fongaro will tour Rotterdam with, among other things, his 'dream project' and performances in which he enters into various collaborations. NSRT connects artists, makers, audiences and communities within Rotterdam. Every year the festival invites an extraordinary talent as their Artist in Focus, providing support and guidance on their journey of research and development of new creations, with Rotterdam as their playground. The 'dream project' is a special production created from scratch and presented in an unconventional setting during the festival. For more information about the Artist in Focus you can read his latest interview here.

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