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Nicolas Altstaedt & Münchener Kammerorchester Things have come full circle between Sjostakovitsj, Haydn and Schubert

Just such idiosyncratic partners in crime with whom he can play, conduct and with whom he has created a program that fits together ingeniously.

Shostakovich's music seems to exist in a gray vacuum. Minor, major, angry, happy, sincere, ironic: they all look the same. That doesn't make the music any less exciting - on the contrary, because you never know for sure what state you are in. The echo of Haydn still resonates in the form of the music hundreds of years later, but that's where it ends. Haydn's music is not gray, but rather black and white. Schubert was just as clear, but where with Haydn you still know where you will be in a few minutes, Schubert can turn left at full speed at any time. And so the circle to Shostakovich is complete again.

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Sat 11 Jan

Saturday 11 January

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Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (under)seeks music lovers

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Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (under)seeks music lovers

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