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Mr. Monster - The crazy 13-storey treehouse

Andy and Terry have been asked to make a theater piece about their amazing tree house. That's not so easy, because where do you get cats flying so fast, a lemonade fountain, a monkey invasion and a giant gorilla? Fortunately, the boys have rehearsed really hard and they are almost ready! But first eat 100 marshmallows and tickle the parrot.

The Mad Tree House is one of the best-selling children's books in the Netherlands in a long time. This season, Mister Monster, together with the Australian CDP Theater Producers, sinks his teeth into this completely unhinged story. They have transformed this bestseller into an equally crazy theater performance full of crazy humor and magical theater wizardry.

Mister Monster makes cartoonish action theater combined with visual comedy for the whole family that is bursting with energy and fun. With The amazing 13-storey tree house they won the Zapp Theater Prize and a Silver Cricket in 2018.

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Sun 2 Jun

Sunday 2 June

From € 13,50 tot € 26,50
Old Luxor Theater -  Kruiskade 10, Centrum
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