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Meet-Up VPRO Tegenlicht Rotterdam: Uit de Kleren!

There are now so many clothes in the world that the next six generations can be clothed with them. The disastrous consequences of the fashion and textile industry are clear: gigantic overproduction, polluted rivers, meters-high mountains of clothing waste and CO2 emissions that are greater than aviation and shipping combined. Yet the fashion industry is running at full speed and the race to the bottom continues unabated. Tegenlicht follows four pioneers on their mission to improve the unruly clothing industry. They work on more sustainable textiles, transparent chains, more social policies at major brands and fairer advertising.

At the end of May, ConComCow - Connecting Communities in Coworking is organizing a local meetup of vpro Tegenlicht under the name Uit De Kleren. In addition to C├ęsare Peeren (S.os) and of course the team members of VPRO Tegenlicht, we learn more about the research into the infrastructure behind the colonialization of the fashion industry, and we also ask a cult person from ROFFA, a connector par excellence going back to his oldest preserved garment. Are you there again? Reserve your free spot now!

The clothing industry has several terrible aspects. The problem of the new generation is that they are becoming addicted to buying clothes. This is partly due to apps such as TikTok. Buying less clothes is the solution, but this is not a nice message to receive. As a result, we will focus more on not cutting back, but doing better. Legislation is coming that clothing companies will remain responsible for clothing. You will soon have to hand in your clothes instead of throwing them away. Many clothes are only worn a few times due to the TikTok trends. It is not yet known how this will be enforced. We are looking for pioneers who want to change this. There are many small initiatives at the moment that are fantastic, but we are not looking for these types of stories at the moment. We look more in the influencer corner for people with the mission to change the industry. We also let our guests tell the story behind their oldest piece of clothing.

The central library offers the opportunity to view the May VPRO Tegenlicht episode in advance on a large screen. This is from 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM. If you wish, you can also watch this episode at home (online) during dinner via the website https://www.vpro.nl/programmas/tegenlicht

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Thu 30 May
19:00 - 20:30

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Thursday 30 May

19:00 - 20:30
Free entry
Centrale Bibliotheek -  Hoogstraat 110, Centrum
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