MC Jon Pickett, Josh Poulain and Ron Josol <sup></sup>

MC Jon Pickett, Josh Poulain and Ron Josol

Ron Josol

Ron Josol is a multi-talented Filipino-Canadian comedian who has been entertaining audiences globally for over 25 years.

His unique brand of humor seamlessly blends together cultural differences and highlights the rich diversity of modern urban life. With hilarious jokes and stories about his Filipino-Canadian heritage, Ron brings laughter to crowds from one-liners to storytelling.

He has been nominated for Best Male Comedian and Best Male Performance in Canada, and won the Just for Laughs competition in Ontario in 1998, leading him to perform at Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Ron has graced many international stages, including the Kings 'n Queens festival in Malaysia and Singapore, the Magners Comedy Festival in Asia, the LOL Comedy Festival in the Caribbean, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and the Maui ALT Comedy Festival.

He has appeared on several TV shows, including Comedy Now in Canada, two specials for Showtime Arabia, a Showtime special in the USA, Gotham Comedy Live for AXS TV, Comics Unleashed, Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC, and the new Kevin Hart LOL show.

Josh Poulain

Hailing from the vibrant city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Josh Poulain is a stand-up comedian whose infectious humor has left audiences rolling in laughter across Canada and Europe. With a quick wit, charming stage presence, and a knack for finding hilarity in the everyday, Josh has become a beloved figure in the world of comedy.

A regular at the prestigious Yuk Yuks Comedy Club, Josh has honed his craft alongside some of the industry's best. His razor-sharp comedic timing and relatable anecdotes have earned him a spot among the most sought-after comedians on the Canadian East Coast.

In Autumn 2024, comedy enthusiasts can look forward to the release of Josh's highly anticipated album, "Outrageously Sweet." The title perfectly encapsulates his comedic style – a delightful mix of sweetness and outrageousness that keeps audiences coming back for more. This upcoming album promises to be a collection of laughter-inducing tales that showcase Josh's comedic evolution and highlight why he is a rising star in the world of stand-up.

Jon Pickett

Meet Jon Pickett, the hilarious standup comedian originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, now making Halifax, NS, his comedic playground. Jon is a regular at comedy clubs along the Canadian East Coast, where his performances seamlessly blend his roots with the charm of his

adopted home. Known for his keen observational humor, Jon's mantra to "enjoy every sandwich" reflects his philosophy of finding joy in life's simple moments.

Not just a standup sensation, Jon Pickett is the reigning East Coast Roast Battle Champion, showcasing his quick wit and sharp tongue. As the cohost of the comedy podcast "Too Much Too Soon," Jon invites listeners into a world of laughter and camaraderie with fellow comedians, cementing his status as a beloved figure in the Canadian comedy scene. With an infectious stage presence and a knack for turning everyday experiences into comedic gems, Jon Pickett is a must-watch talent bringing joy and laughter to audiences from coast to coast.

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